For the para- and tetraplegics willing to push their physical limits while developing their autonomous mobility in their daily and family activities, GBY brings with TRIKE, a three-wheel bike with astonishing capacities, a solution for the mobility that simultaneously enables to have a physical activity while stimulating the injured functions.

The GBY team

Developed & designed by a disabled engineer

TRIKE comes from the reflection of a partial tetraplegic, first for his own needs as he could not find any suitable product available on the market.

Swiss quality

Do you want the best? So do we!
For this reason, TRIKE is designed and manufactured in Switzerland, with local partners.


Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us continuously improve the development of our products.

Standards components

We build TRIKE with standard components that can be replaced and fixed by any bike mechanic.

Evolving products

Different options will enable you to choose the TRIKE that will best suit you, or is best adaptable to the rhythm of your own progresses.

Configurable ergonomy

Because it has to meet your specific needs, TRIKE can be easily modulated. Create the trike that suits you!

Leisure time

Breathe fresh air, discover new landscapes or re-discover places that have become inaccessible to you, get out with your family or friends: so many enjoyable moments that we would like you to feel again thanks to TRIKE.

As a sport

Are you willing to excel, to push your limits, to explore new ways? TRIKE will soon become your favorite partner!

Physiological movement

TRIKE has been designed to generate a simultaneous and natural asynchronous movement of the arms and the legs, like on some re-education equipment. The time spent on TRIKE is therefore twice as efficient!


Faster? Further? For a longer time? Higher? It is up to you to determine which limits the electric assistance will allow you to surpass.


Our trikes are built to be dexterous and easy to use in any circumstances. A reference in our field!


Because you and your trike should be alike, you can personalise it thanks to a large choice of colours from different components.

Team GBY

Eric Belloy

Eric Belloy

EPFL Engineer (MSc)
Co-Founder, Partner

Sebastian Tobler

Sebastian Tobler

ETS Engineer
Co-Founder, Partner

Chang-Ho Narinx

Chang-Ho Narinx

Development & Production Engineer

Simon Zaugg

Simon Zaugg

Development & Production Engineer